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About Laikipia

This spectacular region is considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild Northern frontier country. Wild and sparsely populated, much of Laikipia is covered by large privately owned ranches. These ranches cover a wide range of landscapes, with high plains and low forested valleys.

On most ranches cattle share the land with free ranging wildlife. In recent years this wildlife has become a valuable asset, with many ranches now establishing guest houses, homestays and private camps within their boundaries. This has proven a great success, and many ranches now rely on a thriving tourist trade.

Importantly, community ranches have also formed. These are sanctuaries created by local communities, who have combined small scale farms and grazing land into large group ranches. Once again, the tourist trade has proved infinitely more profitable than agriculture or herding, and this allows them to use their traditional lands in a way that is sustainable and productive.

Significantly, they are conserving more than just wildlife, but also a way of life.

These ranches have bolstered a sense of local identity and strengthened community ties. These community ranches are the best place in Kenya to learn more about traditional cultures and their role in modern world.

The result is an area of beautiful wilderness, where protected game roams freely and safely. Centred around the original Laikipia National Reserve, this area has become a sanctuary for Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, and a wealth of plains game, including many endemic Northern species.




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