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About Arusha

Arusha is a town in the Northern Tanzania. The location is very close to the famous Mount Kilimajaro. Treks on the mountain either start here or from the close by towns of Marangu or Moshi.

The Northern Tanzania is accessible via Kilimanjaro International Airport (30 mins from Arusha), by air from Dar es Salaam og by road from Nairobi. There are several daily flights from Nairobi in Kenya to Kilimanjaro International Airport and daily flights from Europe.

Arusha is the place to start your safari in the Northern Tanzania. Arrivals in the afternoon or evening must spend the night. Other arrivals can head straight into the wilderness either in Tarangire (2 hours drive) or Lake Manyara (2 hours). Ngorongoro is approximately 3 ½ hours drive and is also an option.



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