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About Selous

The Selous Game Reserve, at a massive 50,000 kilometres square, is wilderness on a huge scale - the largest in Africa. And although it's a seemingly infinite place, it has great subtlety. Wildlife encounters are intimate and dreamlike; animals appear and disappear into the bush, leaving you with a deep sense of mystery, like you have centre seats in a great safari eco-theatre.

For sheer drama, the Selous Game Reserve is hard to beat. It's home to such a Noah's ark of wildlife that it's been made a World Heritage Site, and this huge reserve, at a massive 50,000 square kilometres, has given over 1000 square kilometres in the north, to wildlife and safaris. It is the second largest protected wilderness area in the world. It also forms part of the Selous - Niassa eco-system, which covers 155,000 square kilometres across southern Tanzania and northern Mozambique.

In the Selous, thick Miombo forests give way to grassy flood plains and skeletons of leadwood trees. The river, in the northern part, changes course constantly, creating oxbow lakes fringed with palms, and the sand rivers after which the lodge was named. Surrounded by such diverse landscapes, unique to this northern area of the reserve, Sand Rivers lies in close proximity to Steigler's Gorge, Lake Tagalala and the Beho Beho hot springs.




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