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A night on safari


Our selection of accommodation covers a wide range. In general you will find only the right places and by this we mean that a safarienthusiast would make the choice here. You can choose to travel at a lower cost, but you are likely to loose out of the exclusivity or the location of the camp. Price does not always reflect quality, but generally the less expensive safaris use large safarilodges, travel in big groups or overnight at a poor location far from where you really wanted to be.

Most of the camps in this portfolio have less than 10 rooms, they are located in a private concession or at least in what we consider a prime area. The setting of the camp is stunning and you will be in the hands of competent staff.

In brief you will not be disappointed anywhere, so you can choose safely. Follow some of our guidelines of putting together an itineray and you are in for the time of your life. Even if you have tried it before it is more than likely to be better the next time.



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