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Yes, but how close?

This is likely to be the reply from an impatient listener, when you enthusiasticly explain about your safari to Africa. It is common and understandable that having not been on safari it is difficult to understand the intensity of beeing in the middle of it, hearing the lions roar, seeing them on the move, watching elephant having joy in the river, wathing an eagle feed on a snake or a bunch of guineafowl trying to scare a huge monitor lizard off their eggs. Or simple sitting in camp after beeing blown away on mornings game drive trying to digest it all and at the same time watching the antilopes drinking from the river right in front of your room. How do you explain all this and how it makes you feel. Well, it is not easy. Do what you have to do to give you the relief, because to many people that is what it is all about. Sharing this fantastic experience with someone, because you simply cannot keep it to youself. Hopefully they get it.

A safari is something that you cannot miss in your lifetime. Keep it to a few days if you are not sure about it. Doing 8-10 days will fill you up with memories for a lifetime, but at the same time create an addiction. Some call it THE AFRICAN DESEASE - but it is a good one.

You cannot describe what "safari" is about in a few words. Fulfilling you dreams can be some of them, but it sounds too much like a cliche. Once you are there you understand why other so desperately want go back. There are many different reasons, but the buttomline is that the variety that a safari gives, fill out some of the basic needs and wishes of us humans.

Africa has a lot to offer and Africa does a lot to you. You are in for a lot of surprices and certainly an eyeopener. The safari countries that we are involved in are about animals, nature, beautiful cultures and even more beautiful beaches. You can choose what you like and have your way tailored to match what your soul requires.

This is where we come in. With a little help from you we aim to make the match. For the past 20 years we have been travelling in Africa, visiting camps and lodges, trying out tours and tailormaking safaris to Africa. We share the deep feelings for safari that our local partners also have.

This is as close as you will get!



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