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A day on safari

In general the safariactivities are done in the mornings and afternoons. Game drives and naturewalks normally require an early rise (expect around 6 o'clock) - before the sun rises - since this is most active part of the day for the animals. In some areas and at certain times of the year it gets hot around 9-10 in the morning, and animals tend to seek the shade and so will we.

The hours around noon and early afternoon are normally spend in camp enjoying the view, reading a book or taking a nap. During your safari you will move to a new location and new camp a 2-5 times, depending on the length of the journey, and this is done in the midday hours. We always strive to maximise the number of game activities on your safari.

In the afternoon, when in cools down, we depart on a drive. Many animals get active again and spend the last few hours of sunlight feeding or foraging. This is the also the time for the nocturnal animals to prepare for the nights hunt. Cleaning and socialising makes these hours very attractive for us to search for and find the animals.

In some areas we have to be back in camp shortly after sunset. This is due to park regulations.
Private concessions, which are found primarily in Botswana and Zambia, allow us to continue after dark using specially contructed spotlights that do not interfere with the animal routines. Night drives can be very rewarding, but sometimes also very cold. Remember to bring warm clothing since temperatures can drop to below 10 celcius during the African winther (April to September).

Some places in Kenya and Tanzania do also offer these nightdrives.

Gamedrives normally last 3-4 hours. On occassions you will be recommended to do a full day game drive with picnic lunch on a riverbank, under an acaciatree or overlooking the plains. This is often opted to reach special sights or areas that we cannot reach on a normal game drives. Half day game drives can also be done in the mornings or afternoons bringing either picnic breakfast or picnic lunch or both. This must also been arranged the prior evening.

We encourage you to speak to your safariguide and let him or her know your wishes. The safariguides are masters of planning your visit to give you the most.



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