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Nomad Tarangire Camp

A remote location in the southern Tarangire.

Nomad Tarangire is a small 8 bed camp in the southern area of Tarangire National Park. This park is famous for its Baobab trees which are scattered through the bush like a standing army, guarding the ancient Tarangire terrain. It's a strong, rolling landscape, one that has earned the love and respect of the bush-wise, once as a hunting ground, but now as a vital wildlife sanctuary in the Great Rift Valley ecosystem.

Nomad Tarangire is a mobile tented camp, but it won't actually move during your stay as it's already been prepositioned before your arrival. It settles in the remotest southern parts of the park, from which both the game rich Tarangire river and the wilderness walking areas of the park are equally accessible. Because of this, it offers easy game drives to the river area, source of great game, but its also on the edge of the less traveled, less crowded, open savannah to the south, so you can just walk out of your tent into a seemingly private wilderness.

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