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Greystoke Mahale

Home of the chimps

There are few places left on earth that might rightfully be called Eden, and the Mahale Mountains is one of them. The mountains soar to 8,000 feet above the clear waters of Lake Tanganyika, which at 420 miles long and 30 miles wide, is a veritable inland sea. The nearest road is almost 100kms away, and that is the most minor of tracks.

Your home at Greystoke Mahale is in wildly exotic wooden bandas, looking out across the soft sand beach, with interiors fashioned from old seasoned dhow timber and decorated with style and panache.

6 double-bandas set on the edge of the forest at the base of the mountains. All look out over a wide beach across the waters of the lake. As you make the approach to Greystoke Mahale, by dhow, the outline of the camp is visible against a backdrop of deep green forest and pale beach. The focal point is the bar and mess area rising up from the sand, and loosely modeled on traditional Tongwe architecture.

Hikes into the -forest in search of the chimpanzees (see chimping guidelines for more info), slower forest walks where you can see other primates, bushbuck, bushpig, and amazing birds and butterflies. Fishing, kayaking out into the lake or along the shoreline, beach dinners under the stars, and sundowners on the dhow.

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